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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Building a business today is not an easy task. We have to market, promote and create the business we want. There are many avenues that we can use; there are blogs, exchange programs, safelists, emailing marketing and so much more. You have to decide how and what you are going to use for your business, but know that into to build it there is work to be done. Let's start with email marketing, a letter that captures the audience attention can be effective. However, it is only effective when you have the recipients to send it to. Through years of experience, I have found that even when you send out an email blast you don't know whether the recipient will ever read it. So what should we do, well in learning I also am aware that you have to make your presence known and send it out several times. Let's take an exchange program, in most cases I find that you have to have the ultimate business because there are thousands of opportunities that people are sharing. When choosing the business of choice, take your time and don't just get involved with a business without research or that it is something that you like. In order to be able to truely share a business, it should be something that you promote with a passion in and belief of your product or service. Recently, someone shared a really great tool that can be used in any business and I just had to share. Take a look, with this tool everyone has a chance for more exposure of their business and I find it very beneficial to all that use it.